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Organic Oatmeal. $3.95
organic maple nut oatmeal topped with butter, jam and homemade granola 

Granola Bowl. $4.95
organic plain yogurt, homemade granola and a drizzle of Morley’s maple syrup

Cinnamon Bagel. $3.25
toasted and topped with cream cheese

Sweet Multigrain Toast. $3.25
two slices topped with creamy peanut butter and local Honey House honey

Breakfast Sandwich. $5.00
local farm egg, all natural ham, cheddar and fancy mayo on a bagel 

Sriracha Egg Sandwich. $5.00
local farm egg, all natural ham, Swiss and Sriracha aioli on ciabatta

Onion Jam Egg and Cheese. $5.00
local farm egg, Swiss and caramelized balsamic onion jam on ciabatta



* Add cup of soup for $3 *
otherwise served w/ chips

Hot Ham & Swiss $8.00 / $5.50
all natural ham, local tomato, red onion and fancy mayo served warm on ciabatta

Mozzarella Pesto $8.50 / $5.75
fresh mozzarella, pesto, local tomato and organic greens on ciabatta

Cranberry Chicken Salad $8.00 / $5.50
all natural chicken salad with craisins and walnuts served on multigrain 

Bahn Mi $8.50 / $5.75
all natural chicken, cucumbers, pickled carrot slaw, organic greens and Sriracha aioli served on ciabatta

Chipotle Turkey $8.00 / $5.50
all natural turkey, cheddar, local tomato, red onion, organic greens and chipotle mayo served on ciabatta

Ancient Grains Bean Wrap $8.50
quinoa, black beans, cilantro, organic mixed greens, Castle Rock organic raw cheddar and chipotle mayo

Salad & Soup

Market Salad with bread & butter $8.95
a hearty salad of organic greens featuring seasonal ingredients, hard boiled farm egg and vinaigrette

Soup with bread & butter $5.25
made from scratch using local and organic ingredients 

Soup with salad, bread & butter $8.95
choice of soup served with organic greens, craisins, toasted almonds and homemade vinaigrette



Cracker Party. $5.50
crackers, ham, cheddar, cucumbers and organic banana chips

PB & J  $4.50
peanut butter and strawberry jam on multigrain served with kettle chips

Turkey & Cheese. $5.50
 on buttered multigrain served with kettle chips 

Coffee & Espresso
Fair trade and organic from our friends at Kickapoo, True Stone & UP Roastery

Espresso Drinks
Made with local organic milk from our friends at Castle Rock Dairy

Other Drinks
Matcha Latte, Chai Tea, Cold Press, Steamer, Hot Chocolate

Hot Tea
From our friends at Rishi
Turmeric Ginger, Chamomile, Peppermint Sage, Matcha Green,
Jasmine Green, English Breakfast, Earl Grey

Cold Drinks
Iced Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, Seasonal Specials, Smoothies,
Frappes, Malts, Craft Beer & Bottled Beverages

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