renovation plans


renovation plans
For 15 years this community and Cafe Wren have grown together sharing art, food, drink and great conversation. Now it is time for us to continue to grow together. To keep on going, the cafe needs to RENOVATE!


We opened Cafe Wren in 2003 with the vision of serving fair trade organic coffee and locally sourced, healthy, and affordable food to our community. The result has been the space around you: a warm, family friendly atmosphere with high quality products, great local art on the walls, and hard working employees. We keep it local: and the nearby farmers we purchase from, like our customers, are an integral part of both our professional and personal lives. We deeply believe in supporting area businesses, local events and outdoor enthusiasts. We work hard on many levels to support our community in growth. Why? Because we love it here.

Café Wren Reno East Elevation

Café Wren Reno East Elevation

You have let us know you love it here too. You have shared with us so many great stories about how Cafe Wren has intersected with your lives. Our vibrant community of guests, fans, business partners and farmers keeps growing year after year. Much to our delight people responded to our vision and the cafe has become a hub where ideas are born, connections and memories made.


To keep this strong community growing the Cafe needs to expand and renovate it’s been a long time coming! We are asking you to back our project to help us get there.
Café Wren Reno SW View

Café Wren Reno SW View

Over the past fifteen years, Brook and Stephanie have made many improvements to the business – both visible and underground. The building is more than 100 years old and is in dire need of insulation, energy efficient windows and siding. It takes selling a lot of sandwiches and coffee to afford these major upgrades and the truth is we won’t have the volume of traffic in our rural area to renovate our building without the help and support of our community and customers.

Stephanie worked with an architect in 2017 to determine options. First on the list for renovations will be to install windows and re-side the building. As one Trip Advisor reviewer said “the inside of the building is a lot better than the outside”.

Beyond the outside, we envision an overhaul of the cafe entrances, a small expansion in our tiny kitchen, and more room for you placing orders and waiting for your order (it gets a little tight at times)!

Cafe Wren is so much more than a restaurant and we invite you to come together as a community in order to preserve the integrity of this old house one donation at a time.

Café Wren Reno NW View

Café Wren Reno NW Elevation

All these renovations are estimated to cost $75,000. We are asking our community to generously support one third of these expenses making our renovation plans possible.

We would not be here today without the efforts of our fantastic Cafe Wren crew and of course you, our community, our supporters, friends, family, and customers who’ve been with us all the way. Please consider backing our renovations. We’re ready to take our next step.


Thank you!




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